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Tefra is a form of Medcaid, which works like a secondary insurance for those children who have a need for extra services beyond what their insurance will cover (i.e. limited number of visits, limited cost coverage, etc). Families with private insurance will pay a monthly premium based on a sliding scale. Then, Medicaid will cover the cost for therapy services and medical bills. The child must meet Medicaid eligibility guidelines and be under the age of 19 to qualify for the program. In our experience, children we evaluated and qualified for therapy will also qualify for Tefra. 

Who would benefit?
  • If your child qualifies for therapy more than one time a week

  • If your child qualifies for multiple therapies (i.e. ST & OT)

  • If your insurance plan has a limited number of therapy visits for the year 

  • If your insurance plan combines therapy visits with other disciplines for the year (i.e. 60 visits for OT, ST, and PT combined)

  • If your insurance plan has a high co-pay and/or deductible

  • If your insurance does not cover therapy services 

How to Apply?

Families can apply for Tefra by completing the packet linked below (online or print). ​

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