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Our Services

We offer individualized therapy services tailored to meet your childs needs.

Language Therapy

Language is the building block of communication.  People use language to communicate ideas and express their wants and needs.

Language development begins at birth and continues developing throughout the lifespan.  Childhood is a crucial time for language development and delays or disorders of language can impact a child and their ability to understand and communicate with the world around them,

Language includes the following skills:

  • Vocabulary skills

  • Word order (sentence development)

  • Using words meaningfully

  • Understanding directions

  • Using words to communicate

  • Understanding social contexts

  • Using appropriate language based on a social setting.

So how does your child hear and talk?  Please click on the link below to find out if your child's language is developing normally for his/her age.  If you are concerned with your child's development, please feel free to contact us.  It is crucial that children receive services as early in development as possible.

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