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Speech sounds begin developing in infancy when a baby practices "talking" by babbling and jabbering.  After a child begins using words, more sounds are devloped.  Sounds are not always acquired normally and if that happens, a child may have an articulation or speech production disorder.  There are many types of errors a child may exhibit, for example:

  • Sound substitutions (ex: "tat" for "cat"; "wabbit" for "rabbit")

  • Blend errors (ex: "wim" for "swim"; "tee" for "tree")

  • Omissions- leaving off a sound or syllable of a word (ex: "ca" for "car")

It is normal for children to exhibit some of these errors while they are young and acquiring sounds; however, sounds are not mastered by a certain age they may have a speech production disorder.

Click on the link below to find a chart of mastered sounds by age.  If your child has not mastered the sounds for his/her age and is difficult to understand, please contact us!  

Speech Sound Developmental Norms

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